I am a virtual bookkeeper. I do not come to your office or business to do your bookkeeping. I work at the end of the month after everything is done with your everyday transactions, like paying your bills and cutting your customers' payments. You give me your statements at the end of each month, and I match and verify everything is correct. I make sure to categorize every single item into the right spot so you can have a maximum expense write-off when it comes time for tax season. Are you wondering how I would get your information? There's are a couple of options. Scan and email. Scan and upload it to Google Drive. Mail it to me. I will enter and categorize your bank/credit card transactions and reconcile the accounts for the month/the months needed to catch up. For payroll, I will process based upon your pay schedule. After all this is complete, we are ready for next month. Once we get into a routine, it will go by speedy and easy; once I learn your business, I will need your statements. If you delay any documents that I need, it will take longer to finish getting to your books. So it's essential to be on time when I ask for information.

No. I have my own business; you will be paying me as an independent contractor. I am not required to work on a set schedule. My contract is a project-based only. This depends on the service I provide for each of my clients; it can be a one-time service, weekly, monthly, or annually.

When hiring a new employee it can be costly. You have to do an interview, hire and train them, and ultimately spend a lot of your time. You also have to put money into them for paid vacations, taxes, sick leave, insurance, and other benefits. Having an in-house bookkeeper, you also need a place for them in your office; they will need a computer, ink, printer, paper, and any software they would be using. When you outsource, you will be saving money and time in the long run. My general focus is on your books; nothing else; I make sure everything looks suitable for tax season.

Bookkeeper: Records and categorizes transactions, reconciles bank accounts, and credit cards. Sets up and maintains the Charter of Accounts. Payroll. Accountant / CPA: completes your income tax returns, analyzes a strategy for finances, helps with strategy and planning of your tax, and forecast your finances.

No, I don't handle any of your tax preparation. As a bookkeeper, my main focus is to enter data and oversee your books so that you're ready for tax season.

I work with QuickBooks online by Intuit; it is one of the leading industry standards for bookkeepers. It is cloud base software, and it can be accessed from any device anywhere with the internet. My clients have to add me as an account user, which provides me access without needing any client’s login or password information.

No, We sign an agreement on what I will be working on for you and wait for you to approve me. If you wish to cancel my services at any point; you must give me a 30-day notice.

If you're receiving a one-time service from me, I will send you an invoice, and you may pay either with a credit card or a bank draft. If it's an ongoing monthly service, you are automatically be charged on the 1st of every month.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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