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Hello Creative Friend!

Are you stumped at the end of the month wondering where all of your money has gone?

Maybe you are thinking 'Will I ever be able to pay myself consistently? Do I understand my numbers well enough to know if I made a profit?' You want to have confidence with your money, but you don't have any idea where to start and it is all way too confusing...

Hold up, Stop right there.

  • You can understand your business finances.
  • You can reliably pay yourself (even when your income varies).
  • You can be ready and prepared for tax time.
  • You can make better financial decisions for your business and the have life you've been dreaming of.
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Hey, I'm Marinda! (3)

I love doing DIY projects around my house. My last one was to remodel my home office, converting it from a small storage area.  I am on a health journey to lose 150lbs and love every bit of the healthy choices that I am making.

I help photographers, graphic designers, and interior designers keep track of their income and expenses, understand their business finances, and reliably pay themselves.

I am the creative bookkeeper you've been looking for.

Watch your fear of taxes and doing your bookkeeping drift away.

Be ready to tell your money where to go instead of not knowing where it went each month.


What My Clients Have to Say...

"Working with Marinda as my bookkeeper has been a dream. She helped me get my books where they need to be by sorting them all out, and trust me; they were a mess. I wish that I had done this sooner. Highly recommend her for any small business."

-Kris, Broadman Knives

"You may not realize it yet, but if you have an online business, you NEED Marinda in your life! The thought of accounting and organizing my books gave me such anxiety. But Marinda was so patient with me and completely thorough in helping me get everything in order. It was such a huge relief for me and a huge win for my business. Book a call with her today, you won't regret it!"

-Paige Brown, Tech Virtual Assistant

"I have been so happy with Marinda’s work as my bookkeeper! Before I worked with her, I had a mess on my hands due to a software glitch. I was completely overwhelmed and basically gave up on my books for a few months. Once she jumped in, she organized everything, made sense from my nonsense and gave me a system that is manageable. She has helped me to keep everything clean and correct and I can sleep soundly knowing my books are ready to go for tax time. Marinda is very communicative and goes above and beyond in ways that I am so grateful for. She makes sure I understand everything, which is so empowering! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a virtual bookkeeper."
- Cassie, Social Media Marketer
Cassie Ford Creative
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