• You are worried that you are making mistakes that are going to cost you money later
  • Every time you look at your bookkeeping you think- What the crap is all this?
  • You are spending and spending and spending and there is never enough to pay yourself at the end of the month.
  • You bury your head in the sand about finances and pray it will just "work itself out"

Let's get real about money in your business.
Raise your hand if ...

You don't spend hours a day dealing with your business finances because everything is really really organized.

Know exactly how much to save for taxes and did not have a total meltdown on April 15th.

Know when to spend and when to save so you can stop asking yourself, "Should I have bought that?"

Pay yourself on regular basis- and not just the bare minimum either.

Have an outline that told you everything you need to get your business to where you want it financially.

i know what your life can be like.

  • You know what counts as a business expense, and what tax deduction categories apply to your business.
  • Your personal and business bank accounts are neat, clean and orderly-no more co-mingling!
  • You can see your numbers and have the know-how to use them to make smart decisions in your business.
  • Have your time back to put it toward other priorities.
  • Peace of mind from the first call.
  • Fixing months of bookkeeping mess in weeks.
  • You will also save for your taxes monthly making preparing for your taxes a breeze.

Results of Hiring Marinda

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