Hey, I'm Marinda! (30)

I know that you are...

  • Putting your heart and soul into your business, but you are wondering where all the money went at the end of the month.
  • Not reliably paying yourself.
  • Questioning how much money you are actually making each month.
  • Wanting to help improve the lives of people around you.

Every time you think about bookkeeping, you have an anxiety attack (deep breath, it's okay). Besides that, you should be able to handle your books because you are a small business, but your books are a huge mess and you don't know where even to start...

You're probably wondering:

  • How can I even understand my business finances?
  • Will I ever reliably pay myself?
  • Can tax time be stress-free?
  • Will hiring a bookkeeper make a difference, and be worth my money?
Hey, I'm Marinda! (7)

My mission is to help many Online Coaches & Entrepreneurs to understand their business's financial numbers. To make smart money decisions to grow and scale your business.

Without understanding your finances, your business will collapse. I don't wish that for your business. Consider me a cheerleader in the background, excited when you gain new clients and cheering when you achieve your goals and dreams.


Honesty & Respect

I firmly believe that honesty and respect are vital characteristics of any business. I want our business interactions to feel like you are being treated fairly and with respect. I will treat all customers the way that I want to be treated.

Work. Family. Balance.

I believe there is more to life than work. Having the ability to attend to important life moments and the flexibility to be with my family is extremely important to me.


I hold everyone who interacts with my business accountable for their actions. It is only fair that all employees, clients, and vendors be held responsible for their actions regardless of whether it is a positive or negative situation. I am willing to accept mistakes if everyone involved holds themselves accountable.


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