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Prefect for just who wants the books kept update and reports monthly

Features include:

✔   Categorize transactions
✔   Reconcile accounts
✔   Close the books
✔   Run detailed report

Monthly Basic Bookkeeping

Your bookkeeper keeps an eye on your finances so you can rest easy knowing that everything is in order for tax time.


That’s why it is important to have a bookkeeper who can accurately categorize transactions and reconcile your accounts. Your business will be in good hands with this professional on board!

Focus on your Business, not your books

More time each day

Hire an expert in bookkeeping to take over your financial paperwork and leave you free for more important tasks.

Total peace of mind

Your bookkeeper is your business's keystone, providing you with the information and reports that will keep decisions grounded in reality.x time.

Essential reports

Let your bookkeeper do the routine categorization and reconciliation for you.

Ongoing bookkeeping

What to expect

Cleanup and setup

We'll make sure your books are current and get you set up with QuickBooks
We're here to help take care of the financials for you. Get a grip on what's happening in that pot o' money!

One-on-one support from a QuickBooks Online Expert you can trust.

Cassie, Social Media Marketer  Cassie Ford Creative

"I have been so happy with Marinda’s work as my bookkeeper! Before I worked with her, I had a mess on my hands due to a software glitch. I was completely overwhelmed and basically gave up on my books for a few months. Once she jumped in, she organized everything, made sense from my nonsense and gave me a system that is manageable. She has helped me to keep everything clean and correct and I can sleep soundly knowing my books are ready to go for tax time. Marinda is very communicative and goes above and beyond in ways that I am so grateful for. She makes sure I understand everything, which is so empowering! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a virtual bookkeeper."

 Paige, Tech Virtual Assitant l Paige Brown

"You may not realize it yet, but if you have an online business, you NEED Marinda in your life! The thought of accounting and organizing my books gave me such anxiety. But Marinda was so patient with me and completely thorough in helping me get everything in order. It was such a huge relief for me and a huge win for my business. Book a call with her today, you won't regret it!"

Rachel, Interior Designer l Rardon Design LLC

My favorite part of working with Marinda is she took the stress out of setting up QuickBooks. And saved me an immense amount of time. Billing was frustrating. Tax time prep was mega stressful. I was wasting SO much time on my billing process that I couldn't even figure out or see. By working with Marinda it has saved me so much time and stress. Don't hesitate. I was amazed at how easily everything came together. It was a classic, "Why in the world did I not do this five years ago?!" experience.

Katie, Interior Designer l Katie Getman Design LLC

My favorite part of working with Marinda is she friendly, flexible schedule, easy to communicate with, and very knowledgeable! She helped me elevate my business! Thank you!  I struggled to understanding my true cost of running my business. Working with Marinda I am learning a lot that has helped me grasp the importance of understand my profit and loss and keeping track of my finances. The more I know about them, the more I am able to grow and scale, and make beneficial decisions regarding my business!  If you are on fence on working with Marinda -Do it!!!! You won't look back - Marinda positions you to keep looking forward!

Anne-Marie, Staffing & Recruiter l iStaffing Services LLC

Marinda is the best investment I have ever made. She cleaned up my books for the last financial year. Moving forward, Marinda keeps me updated monthly to ensure my company's financial outlook is headed in the right directions. I struggled big time. Accounting is not my thing. I need a pro.  Impact Marinda made 100% better. I have a bookkeeping pro in my corner, which has enable me to forecast, plan, prepare and budget so my business can thrive through thought times. Book Marinda now!


What They're Saying:

Sure- you probably could figure this stuff out on your own with the help of Google, but that would take a REALLY long time.



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